a little About me...

So Sasha Jane is a Luxury Lingerie and Loungewear brand, started by me 4 and a half years ago, with all items handmade from my home in Bristol; using British fabrics wherever possible!

From the lingerie down to the loungewear, every garment has been lovingly sewn by me.  Featuring fine stretch laces and luxurious jerseys; I ensure every item has been hand finished to the highest standard.

With a HUGE and at times distracting addiction to lingerie and loungewear, (the problem is real; I have more staying in clothes than going out clothes!) I decided that what could be better than designing, sewing and sending out lovely items to fellow addicts!

I want Sasha Jane to be all about great fitting garments that give you the comfort and support you want, like a good friend! After all, we all know that a great matching set can either make your day or finish it off perfectly! (Whether that's lingerie or loungewear though is up to you guys!)

The other LOVE'S in my life (After Lee and Flora of course) are lipstick, knitwear, crisps, tea, pizza, staying in and I HATE late nights!

But enough about me! I best get back to work!

Much love, Sasha & Flora.xxx